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Why learn about EKG's? Why become a Certified EKG Technician (CET)? The reasons are many and quite persuasive. For one, the country is getting older and everyone will need EKG's more and more. You want to be trained and certified to provide this service.


Nothing happens without an EKG. You have a little pain in your chest? EKG. You feel a heart murmur? EKG. Your heartburn wont go away? EKG. All across this fair land, EKG's are being done on a minute by minute basis.


Imagine going to a job interview KNOWING how to do EKG's and even KNOWING how to read the charts! We teach you both. You learn the anatomy of the heart, the electrical properties, the proper placements, the ways of the EKG machine, and then we teach you interpretation of the chart, which very few schools do.

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