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Patient Care Technician

We started the Patient Care Tech (PCT) program in Metro Detroit - back in 2001. The PCT program is the upgrade to the CNA program. You get three great skills - all in one package. 


You get the Phlebotomy, EKG Tech,and Direct Care/HHA - all in only eight  weeks. What makes our program the best in the business? 


  • Lower cost - You get 70% off with your Bridge Card or Medicaid

  • Great location - Greenfield and 8 Mile 

  • Payment arrangements are ok

  • Job placement - REAL job placement assistance - not just a bulletin board

  • Full time and Part time classes - Days/Evenings/Saturdays too 

PCT vs CNA - Which one is for you?


Learn about the Patient Care Technician (PCT) field. These are mainly hospital-based jobs where you have 3 skills to offer an employer. You can expect HIGHER pay, MORE job satisfaction, and MORE respect. Start your PCT program with only $200 down.


Cost of Attending


The PCT program is $4,500, but you get $3,000 off with eligible situation:

  • Bridge Card holder

  • Medicaid recipient

  • Single mother/father

  • Income under $24,000


If qualified, you'll need only $300 down and the rest must be paid before completion. 


You must present proof of eligibility upon registration to qualify for this special program. This cannot be used in combination with any other financial aid such as Federal or State programs. 


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