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Medical Assistant Program


Our unique program gives you more:


  1. C.N.A.

  2. Medical Terminology

  3. Phlebotomy

  4. EKG/ECG Operations & Interpretation

  5. Pharmacology

  6. Medical Billing & Coding

  7. Medical Office Administration


We pioneered the CNA inclusion into the MA program.

In 10 years, the others will follow. 



Don't worry. Just give us a call. We'll steer you in the right direction. 


Medical Assistant Program


We proudly present the Medical Assistant program at Aress Academy! A great program made up of some great components, and you learn a lot. You start to impress people. You'll be taught by some of the most passionate teachers out there. And the cost? Get ready to be surprised.


Only $7,500. Other schools regularly charge $15,000 and more. And we'll do something no one else will do. We'll trust you. No financial aid. No bank loans. No credit checks. No shenanigans. We will finance you.


What does this mean? It means, that with only 10% down, we will finance the rest for you, for up to five years. That means low payments you can afford while you are in school, AND when you are out of school, and into a job.


That means you will need $750 down, with payments of only $175 per month for 60 months. 










Do you like computers? Do you want to learn how to repair, upgrade, and build computer network systems? Do you want to learn how to network computers in an office or around the world? Then this class is for you!


You will learn hands-on the top three subjects in today's world:


1. Computer Hardware and Software (Operating Systems)

2. Computer Networking (Switches/Routers/IP Addresses)

3. Network Security (Firewalls/Encryption/VPN's)


This program is covered by Michigan Works under the ITA program. You can come at no cost to you and with no loans. The grant covers our programs at 100%. Call us today for more information.





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