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Information Technology

A+ Certification program
Starts in Summer

This is the beginning of your Information Technology journey. You learn Hardware and Software, Operating Systems, Input and Output, Memory and Storage, RAM and ROM, BIOS and CMOS, Motherboards and CPUs, and Power Supplies. You get some networking and security too, especially wireless technologies.
Computer Networking program
Starts in Fall
This is the next step on your journey. You learn how it all works together. You learn the hubs, switches, and routers that make it all work. You learn their language. You become one with them. By the end of it, you'll know how to connect pretty much anything to anything. That's the goal of Networkers. 
CyberSecurity program
Starts in Winter
After all the hard work of putting together a good network, full of efficiencies and redundancies, you should know how to protect it, and the data on the inside of the DMZ. In this class, you learn about encryption, compression, firewalls, access lists, and hidden files. You learn about various threats like viruses, trojan horses, man-in-the-middle, DDOS attacks, and Social Engineering. You lean how to put up a brick wall and install a moat around your company servers. You are hero to your organization and a hero to your children. 

Hello World.


Welcome to the "other" half of Aress Academy - the IT side. This school was founded on teaching Cisco CCNA technologies and we've morphed and evolved along the way. Now, we teach the top three careers in the industry - A+ Certification, Networking, and Cybersecurity. You learn hands-on what you need to get certified, get a job, and get paid. Job placement services are part and parcel of what we do. 


Need financial aid? We have grants and scholarships that will make these programs afforadable, and in many instances, free to you. We work with Michigan Works and many other agencies to make it easier for you to attend Aress Academy. Call us and check out the IT programs at Aress Academy. 

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