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We believe in giving you choices - You decide what's best for you. These discounted prices are available to those with low income, medicaid, bridge cards, youth, or orphans, wards of the court, or parents with young childrenYou must bring proof when you enroll.


We offer three ways to pay for your training:




2. MAKE TWO PAYMENTS: TOTAL COST IS $500 ($250 down, $250 before you complete)


3. NO MONEY DOWN: Cost is $695 total, take up to 90 days from the 1st day of class to complete payment. No rush.


Read These Frequently Asked Questions for more details:


Q1. Is it true I can start my CNA training with NO MONEY DOWN?


A1. Yes, it's true. You can start with NO MONEY DOWN. Payment is expected as follows:


            - Beginning of 2nd week: Pay $100 minimum

            - Within 90 days of Registration: Balance is due


Q2. Can you give me an example?


A2: Sure. Let's say class started March 5. Your first payment will be due March 12. The class will end March 22. Your final payment will be due June 5. 


Q3. What if I drop the class within 7 days - will I still have to pay? 


A3: No. If you drop the class within the first week, there is nothing to pay. If you come for the 2nd week, you will need $100 minimum to continue.


Q4: What about my certificate? When do I get that?


A4: You get your certificate when you have paid off the balance. The sooner you pay, the sooner you get your Certificate and can become State Licensed. 


Q5: Is the State Exam covered in my payments? What about CPR?


A5: No, the State Exam is a separate $125 and is due when you apply for the State Exam after completion of program. CPR is an additional $75 payable before CPR class commences.


Q6: Why do you charge more for the NO MONEY DOWN option?


A6: It's a matter of economics, sociology, human nature, and risk management - if you would like a more in-depth explanation, our Director will be happy to explain all the nuances to you. Make an appointment and please reserve at least 3-4 hours for a full discourse.


Q7: What if I have more questions?


A7: That's the best part. We humans are an inquisitive bunch and we love to ask questions. Lucky for you, we don't believe in answering machines - we pick up our phones and you talk with a live, warm person from your first contact with us - give it a try right now!


Q8: How does Aress Academy stay in business with NO MONEY DOWN options?


A8: We're actually quite surprised ourselves. We guess it has to do with the fact that when you trust people, they will often return the favor. Of course, we are the only school in the Universe that does something like this, but then again, that makes us unique and special. We think you'll like it. Plus, our Director likes to try new and crazy things, so there you go. 


Q9: How can I get $25 off my program cost?


A8: Just by reading to the end of this FAQ page, you have earned $25 off your tuition. Just mention the Code MK328 when you register. This cannot be combined with any other offer we may have at the same time. 



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