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The phlebotomy class at Aress Academy aims at giving you what you need to succeed as a Phlebotomist today. In this hands-on class, you will not only learn all about the human circulatory system, you will also learn all aspects of drawing blood from the human body. You will learn the apparatus used, the order of draw, the colored tubes, the additives, the preservatives, the tourniquet, the gauge of needle, the angle of insertion, and more.


You will also learn to be Human in your relations with other humans. A phlebotomist must be courteous and warm if nothing else. After your class, you will be qualified to sit for the National Phlebotomy Certification Exam offered by NCCT, NTCO, and NHA. 



How the class works:


Day classes are Monday - Thursday from

9am to 3 pm for three weeks. 


Course Cost: $1,695 (Grants available) 


If Low Income/Medicaid/Bridge Card:

You pay only $500 - payment plans are accepted.


Payment Plans:


Plan A: Pay $500 in one payment


Plan B: Pay 50% down, balance before you complete. Total Cost: $600


Plan C: Pay $200 down, take 90 days to pay balance. Total Cost: $750

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