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Aress Academy is now ONLINE only - to bring our successful courses to more people around the world. 





9 am to 3 pm, M-TH

9/12/2022 - 9/29/2022

3 weeks


5 pm to 8 pm, T, TH Only

9/13 - 11/17 

10 weeks

Books are provided

Eligible for State Licensure

$695 total 

Payment Plans Accepted

Why choose Aress Academy?


1. We've been around since 2001 - same owner, same management. 

2. Our courses are HANDS-ON - never online and no powerpoints.

3. Our front desk staff will smile and greet you when you walk in.

4. Our teachers are down to Earth and approachable

5. We help with job placement for life.

6. When you call, we pick up - that's how we operate.

7. Complimentary coffee and triple-filtered water - anytime.

8. EZ payment plans available with small down payments.

9. The place is clean, bright, and welcoming.

10. There's a graduate of Southwestern High School working here. Stop by and        say hi.


"We are human, Homo Sapien. Education is what separates us from all other forms of life, beast and fowl alike. The highest form of worship to your Lord is to become educated."


                                                                       - Mk

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