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There are a lot of schools out there. Many are now "for-profit". Many become "Accredited" for the wrong reasons. Many will lead you astray. We are proud to stay independent, free, and focused on you. 

That means we'll do whatever is necessary to help you succeed. Long after others have closed their doors, we're still here, open and ready to serve. You'll find people here who are genuine, real, and passionate about what they do.. 


You'll find financing here without a credit check. You'll find free tutoring here to help prepare you for your State Test. You'll find a mentor here who will help you navigate resumes, cover letters, and the job market. You'll find a friend that you can count on. 


This is Aress Academy. This is what we do.

"Founded in the spirit of Humanity - the Spirit of brotherhood, love, and respect for all."




Aress Academy was founded on the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Love, Education, Patience, Hard Work, Character, and Charity.


We work to enhance our community. To leave things better than we found them. We work to enable others to achieve great things. We work to bring goodness to our fellow human beings. In effect, we are alchemists in the purest sense of the word.




Excellence is in everything we do. It is the main ingredient. From our classrooms to equipment to course offerings you will find excellence. From our teachers to tutors to administration you will find more excellence. If we had a cafeteria, you would have found excellence there too. Unfortunately, it is not forthcoming until the Fall of 2017.



The Mission is simple - To bring excellence in education to those that need it most. There are those that go to College or a four-year University. Then there are those that do not or can not. We are there for these individuals. For whatever has obstructed their path to education in the past, together, we will overcome.




Who knows why something is the way it is. Why something has arisen in the particular shape we find it. Aress Academy was founded on three Principals - Independent Thought, Anti-Establishment Values, and Open Access to All.


Independent Thought: We think for ourselves. No one tells us what to do, how to do it, or what to think. Our philosophy comes from the ancient Greek civilization of Liberty, Fraternity, Brotherhood.


Anti-Establishment: The Establishment is built upon lies and half-truths. Smoke and Mirrors. We shun their ways. We trudge our own path. 


Open Access to All: Our arms are open to all. All are welcome. It doesn't matter what you did in the past, or yesterday. We welcome you. Period. Before Bill Gates and Khan Academy, we had Open Access for All




We come from a long line of freedom fighters and literary men. We oppose tyranny in all its forms. We fight against the agents of communism and fascism, bolshevics and the Great Leap Forward. We fight against war and Imperialism. We fight against the purveyors of hate, divisionism, and revisionism. We believe the Pen to be mightier than the sword. We believe in Education to raise the masses. We believe in teaching a man to fish versus giving him one.



The future will not drop in your lap from above. Don't expect manna from Heaven. You will have to work extra hard, be extra smart, be extra savvy, and be extraordinary. You will get nothing from anyone for free. The future belongs to those with a trained brain, not a brawny back. Build up that space between your ears and the future will drop in your hands like cool rain on a hot Summer day. 

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